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Registration Information

Foundations Homeschool Co-op

Registration Information



Any family is welcome to participate in this Co-op provided:

  • There is room for more students.  A waiting list will be maintained if the Co-op is filled to capacity.

  • The Family/Child agrees to complete the required assignments in their class and is prepared for any in-class discussions or projects.

  • The Mother/Father agree to add their talents/gifting/expertise to the Co-op.

  • The Family/Child agrees to full-time attendance of each registered child including opening worship and three a.m. classes.

  • A parent agrees to be on-site at all times with their children.  No drop-offs allowed.

  • The Mother/Father are willing and able to fulfill the registration requirements listed below.

  • Any problems, disputes, or hurt feelings will be dealt with according to Scripture, will not be discussed with uninvolved parties, and sincere attempts will be made with the conflict resolution volunteer (when necessary) to reconcile the situation.

  • In response to the Great Commission and in gratitude to our brethren on the mission field, any furloughing or returning missionary family will bypass the waiting list and have immediate access to enrollment in the Co-op.  This gesture is extended in hopes that the Co-op might minister to the unique social needs of missionary children transitioning into the current culture.

The Foundations Board retains the right to refuse or rescind membership.


Checklist for Complete Registration

  • Online Registration and Class Fee payments prior to the first session.

  • Register for classes (Classes are filled on a first-come basis with paid fees.)

  • Signed Modesty Policy (each student 10 yrs and older AND parent)

  • Signed Student Contracts (each student)

  • Read entire Foundations website, including all links.  This website replaces a handbook.

  • Purchase and turn in supplies (see supply list below).  This is due the first week of Co-op.

  • Submit Background Check form (required by insurance).

  • Sign up for volunteer positions during each term.  Positions are filled on a first-come basis. Members who have not signed up for positions will be assigned accordingly.

  • Families with nursery/pre-school children:  purchase and turn in supplies (see supply list below).  This is due the first week of the term.

All the above requirements must be completed by the appropriate deadlines.  Families that are not fully registered by the deadline will be dropped from all class rosters unless previous arrangements have been made with the registrar.  The next family on the waiting list will be invited to fill the emptied spot.

The deadline for all class changes is the end of the second class day of each term.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Note that these costs are subject to change without notice.


Membership Fees:

Membership fees are payable via Paypal or by check made out to Foundations Homeschool Co-op.

  • $300 Family fee, due before 1st day of classes

  • Registration fees can be refunded before the session begins.  Once the session begins, refunds will NOT be issued.

Class Fees/Supplies:

  • Class fees are payable at the time of registration.  There will be NO refunds once classes have begun.  A few classes may require manual payment instead of the online payment.  Fees can be reimbursed up to two weeks prior to the beginning of each session.  

  • Each family is responsible for the supplies requested prior to first day of classes.

  • Books and other supplies specific to individual classes should be purchased prior to the first day of class.


Supplies List - per family

This information will be emailed out to the registered families a couple of weeks before each session begins, as needed items change each year.


Supplies for Nursery and Pre-School Families

  • Nursery:  One large package per session of a healthy snack to share during snack time (box of crackers, etc.)

  • Preschool:  Healthy snacks and $5 fee that allows the teacher to purchase class supplies.

  • Other needs will be communicated when necessary.